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The XEPL Engine Vitrual Machine

C++ XEPL Engine
Multi-Threaded.An integrated event pump delivers non blocking performance.
Object-Oriented.Dynamic Blending of classes.
Event-Driven.You sleep until you wake.
Publish-Subscribe.You get only what you ask for.
Set Engine.Perform set algebra on variables.
Dynamic.Your objects learn as they grow.
Persistant.Start up right where you left off.
TicklessNo timers required
Modular/Extensible.Where everything is optional.
A new seed of software thought
its a machine ... that learns
The xevm is methodical and consistent architecture
For .. modular distributed intelligent agents
The xevm is so advanced
It has its own XE Programming Langauge <xepl/>

Xe is in a world by itself
It's a software layer.. to use the operating system. A thin porting layer abstracts basic OS services; then its a pure C++ implementation of everything from the interpiling xml parser to the pub/sub web communications, real-time events and fault-free memory recycling.
It's a state machine.. that stores state everywhere, each state is magically restored and data processing can pick it up and move it.
It's an intelligent environment of events and data.. a technique I'd call an environment. An environment where rich xml data is shared and easily accessible. An environment containing multiple asynchronous threads sharing data safely and communicate in real-time by subscribing to events that respond immediately when published by others.
The xevm design is elegantAn advanced interpiler actually compiles xepl into objects that can interpret events on the fly
Performance drivenAgressive memory management, recycles as it conserves. Zero-copy performance.

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C++ XEPL Engine Virtual Machine

The XEPL Engine Programming Language

The GUI for the XEVM

Come ... Join the community
Open Source. Open Software License version 3.0
Pure C++.. its an Object Oriented, Multi-threaded, Publish-Subscribe, Event-Driven, XML Processing Engine built pure using nothing more than a C++ complier; no external libraries required.
Lighter than a feather.. xevm weighs in with less than 25,000 LOC. It's Organized, dependency free, loosly coupled. Even without comments, its an easy read with many tricks you'll learn quickly and likely adapt.
Powerful State Machine.For ... Rapid Prototyping, Rich Internet Apps, Embedded Systems, Distributed Applications, Social Frameworks. It will run on anything, and scale dramatically.
Everythings included.. Lightweight API, Ultra-thin porting layer, all the parsers, database, events, communications, debugger. Integrated C++.

Message between State Machines
You think in outlines and Code in XEPL.Structured programs processing structured data. Easily share rich xml/ data structures in a multi-agent world.
It's ready ... today... check out x2xe ... A development framework and a frames browser ... it Speaks Http. Breathes XML. Scribbles HTML. Innovative Structure. Integrated Scripting. Dynamic Program Construction.
Available everywhereAn ultralight OS Porting layer. win32 and posix interface. xe uses only a few OS primitives.
Integrate Xepl... imagine all your Processing, Database, Presentation, Communication, Events and Threaded challenges solved as you migrate them into your own custom language.
Advancing Software Development
The XEPL Engine... (xe) Virtual Machine and its Programming Language (XEPL) are one.
The XEPL Engine... provides the How, where XEPL provides the wiring for When and What; its your logic that provides the Why.
It's simple... So simple, that state based data stored in easy to access hierarchical nooks and threaded crannies. This machine can access and persist data in so many different places, and provide you instant access. Its a simplified and natural state machine.
It's smart... With built-in rendering paths that seamless integration with real-time HTML. Secondary processing contexts allow for easy data rendering.
It's here right now... Checkout the x2xe demonstration programs, they're great learning tools ... cute and powerful ...

Open Software License Version 3.0